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Lemon Diesel is a strain that has been bred making use of Green Lantern Seeds. The Lemon Diesel Strain is a hybrid, which has been formed by the combination of Lost Coast OG and California Sour. These are fairly easy to grow as they take no more than 9 or 10 weeks to grow properly. In appearance, they are long and have small buds growing on them that are dense.

The dense buds on the cannabis are mostly filled in during the last few weeks of the flowering process of the Lemon Diese Strain. The leaves of the strain are long and wide as well with a combination of purple and grey color, which serves as its distinguishing factor. The Lemon Diesl Strain is known famously for making the person who uses it feel uplifted. The strain also makes the person creative and happy. Buy lemon diese online.

Bred by Green Lantern Seeds, Lemon Diesel is the child of California Sour and Lost Coast OG. This cannabis strain grows tall with dense buds, and usually fills in most during the last couple weeks of growth. Its leaves are long and broad with purple-gray color during maturity. Flowering time is generally 9-10 weeks. The buds have been described as smelling fruity and sweet, with a hint of a skunk. The smell and flavor have been likened to citrus and pepper, with effects that can “sneak up” on its consumer. Lemon Diesel was in the Top Ten at the Emerald Cup in 2010. Buy lemon diesl online




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