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Backwoods is a cigar brand produced in the United States in the 1970s and gained popularity in 1980s. The cigar company became widely popular with the use of heavy advertising. Their advertisements targeted groups rather than the general public. These groups were mountaineers, outdoorsmen and those who enjoy extreme activities. I bet our OGs out there know this cigar. At present, flavors like Honey Berry, Sweet Aromatic and Rum are sold in the United States while Vanilla, Banana, and Grape among others have been discontinued but are still sold overseas.

Blunts make use of the cigar leaf and the most popular brands for blunts in addition to Backwoods are  Swisher SweetsDutch MastersWhite Owls and Phillies. Blunt makers remove the tobacco contents and replace it with dried cannabis. Backwoods can be found for this purpose all over the place.

Over the past 3 years, blunts using Backwoods has become the connoisseur’s choice – making it the “Cuban Cigar” of the cannabis industry. Rumor has it that a Backwoods cigar can fit 3.5 grams of dried cannabis hence the term “roll me up an eighth” mainly because of its delicate thin leaf that allows more space. Consuming that much in one go is rather extraordinary.

Popular pre rolled Backwoods companies include Barewoods, Litwoods, Dankwoods and Packwoods. Barewoods was first to popularize Backwoods blunts in 2016. Litwoods followed the pre roll trend in January 2017 while Dankwoods, the most popular today started in 2018. Packwoods started last December 2018. Do you see anything in their names? Obviously they want to identify with the old guy brand – Backwoods.  But, that may not be the only reason.


Honey Berry., Honey Bourbon., Sweet Aromatic., Wild N' Mild., Black N' Sweet Aromatic., Dark Stout.


5 boxes., 10 boxes., 20 boxes., 30 boxes., 50 boxes

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